Your new season favourites

Finding out which styles you love and why is always a highlight of each and every season.

We put that very question to you all recently and were bowled over by your replies.

Read on to discover your new season picks and what you had to say about them. You might just find another new favourite!


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I absolutely love the memories collection. So bright and cheerful. It just makes you smile.

Chris G

The memories collection is lovely! Obsessed with the colours especially with spring on its way!! Need every item 😍💚💛

Lucy D

Kaleidoscope cardi

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That’s a very tough choice! But I think I’m going to say this lovey kaleidoscope cardi 💕

Nicola B

Has to be the kaleidoscope cardi!! 😍 Perfect for spring and such a gorgeous design!! 🐣

Diana S

Brrm, brrm

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Anything tractor would be cherished here 🚜

Caoimhe P

This one!! Our son LOVES all things 🚒 and fire fighter related so he would adore this jumper - he might even wear it to street dance, it’s that cool!! 😎🤩🥰

Heidi F

Winspit knit jumper

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This jumper is 👌👌👌👌

Nikki W

My daughter would look great in this! 100% organic cotton and so soft and comfortable to wear! 💕💕💕💕

John H


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I love the rainbow knit collection, great choice from babies all the way up. I love that I can match the younger kids with the older ones.

Lesley M

I love all of the rainbow baby things! This is just what I’ve been looking for 😍

Sophie H

Munch, munch, munch

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Anything with dinos on is a hit with my grandson, loving the dino munch t-shirt 🦖🦖🦖

Amanda R

I absolutely love the new dino munch t-shirt, with two huge dinosaur fans in our home this would be a definitely favourite. It looks so soft, comfortable and easy to wear too! 🦕

Danielle D

Queen bee

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It’s hard to choose a favourite 🤩 but I like the queen bee collection 🐝

Monika H

Love the queen bee design 😍... both in the ladies and the children's clothing. Cute design and beautiful colour.

Cheryl T

Fun fair

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My little girl isn't 'girly ' however this sweet dress has caught her eye 👀 🎠

Tamsin H

My granddaughter would look lovely in this fun fair dress.

Beth M

Sheepy clouds

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Expecting a baby boy in a few weeks and he’ll be in the sheepy clouds 🥰❤️

Isabella P

Love, love, love the sheepy clouds collection. It’s so adorable! 🌙 🐑

Kimmi B


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Love the peek-a-pony skater dress 😍 Lovely and colourful, my girls love ponies and bright colours!

Zoe L

My little girl would look gorgeous in the peek-a-pony dress! 💐 👗


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