Your new season favourites

We recently ran a competition to ask which are your favourite styles in our new collection.

Hundreds of you shared your opinions
with us, and here at Kite we loved reading all of your fab comments!

Read on to discover ten of your new season favourite prints and styles.

Teddy coat

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We just love the little farm range, especially the teddy coat.


Loving the navy and white in the little farm selection - topped off with the gorgeous teddy coat!


Rainbow apple dress

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The rainbow apple dress is so lovely and bright. My two year old loves her Kite dresses and would absolutely love this one with tights and wellies! 


I am totally loving the rainbow apple collection, the colours are just awesome together and it's such a unique design.


Baa baa boogie jumper

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Absolutely adore the baa baa boogie jumper, such a fun collection!


So many gorgeous things, but baa baa boogie really made me smile!


Animal ramble

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My daughter loves the animal ramble print for the blackberries and woodland creatures!


I absolutely love the animal ramble print. Love seeing all the autumn animals, foxes and hedgehogs. Beautiful!


Snuggle coat

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Snuggle coat with joggers and the patchwork jumper sounds like a very cosy combination for this winter.


Snuggle coat for the winter!


The good life

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The good life print reminds me of days staying with my nanna and gramps as a kid and helping in their garden. I can't wait for my little girl to experience that good life too.


The good life collection. Perfect for a budding baby gardener to wear on our allotment!


Happy digger t-shirt

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Happy digger for my digger obsessed 3 year old.


Today I'm loving the happy digger t-shirt because of the extremely cute gearstick eyes!


Happy veg

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I think happy veg is my favourite print on anything ever!


I love them all, but to pick one... I'll go for happy veg because they look as happy as my little girl when she's out helping me in the veg garden.


Homestead t-shirt

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The homestead t-shirt is just lovely.


What a perfect aspiration of home!


Rainbow race t-shirt

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My 4 year old has chosen the rainbow race t-shirt as his favourite. Racing car and a rainbow - what more could he want?


The rainbow race t-shirt would be very loved here!


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