World Bee Day

Celebrated annually, World Bee Day aims to spread awareness about the important role bees play in our ecosystem.

Here at Kite, we know how important it is to protect these amazing pollinators.

Read on to discover some bee facts and how you can help power pollination yourself, as well as enjoy a variety of fun bee crafts!


Bee-ing aware

Help the hives

Join in the bumble fun

Looking for a way to get your little one involved? Have a go at some of our bee-rilliant crafts.

They are a great opportunity to have fun and talk about all the amazing things that bees do for us.

Stone art

Get outside on a special scavenger hunt for the perfect smooth stone to paint. Create some fun friends to decorate the garden with or keep them safe indoors - they make great paperweights!

Bee rolls

Using strips of paper or paint you can reimagine your empty toilet roll! Be sure to give your bee wings - why not try using fabric scraps? They would look fantastic strung up together for sunny celebrations. Alternatively use them as bowling pins for some family fun.

Finger painting

A sweet way to remember your little one's delicate fingerprints. You can also join in to create a variety of sizes. Once dry, use a pen to add details, or give a fun finishing touch with googly eyes if you have them.

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