Children's Gardening Week

Get those fingers a little green


To celebrate National Children's Gardening Week we have created a collection of our flora and fauna inspired styles. It features some of our stand-out styles of the season across all ages from baby through to 10-11 years.

We've also found some wonderful ideas and resources from around the web which are great to help inspire those littlest of green fingers. 

The first idea comes from the BBC, did you know that you can build a wormery by using just a few simple household items? You can find their great child-friendly guide here.

Here’s another green fingered idea for you and your little one. Bees are so important for our planet but their numbers are declining, so making a bee hotel is a great way to help your local bee population thrive. The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) have some great info on how to do this which you can find here.

Keen to keep your fingers green when you're out and about? Why not create a journey stick featuring flowers and other outdoor discoveries? This wonderful idea comes from Kids in the Garden, find out more here.

Kite Clothing - Gardening Ideas

A twist on the journey stick is a flower crown. One of our very own little ones went adventuring this school holiday and made this wonderful creation. Simply twist some green sticks or long grass to make a circular shape and then add any flowers or extras to make a crown fit for royalty. All hail King Will!

 King Will's Garden Crown

We'd really love to hear about all the gardening activities you get up to with your children. You can email us at with any photos or post them on our social media channels, and please don't forget to tag @KiteClothing!

Looking for more ideas? The BBC have an array of great activities for children from becoming a seed or leaf collector through to going on a garden treasure hunt. You can find information about these ideas and more here.