Fashion Revolution Week

This week marks the anniversary of the 2013 Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh, which killed 1,138 people and injured many more.

Fashion Revolution is an organisation that campaigns for a clean, safe, fair, transparent and accountable fashion industry.

Here at Kite we support their mission wholeheartedly, and we strive every day to produce clothing as positively as possible and to minimise our impact on the planet and its people. 

Today we encourage you to ask yourself #WhoMadeMyClothes?

Read on to learn more about where and how we make your clothes, the strong relationships that we have with our suppliers, the certifications that underpin our production, how we intend to work with our supply chain to navigate the coronavirus pandemic, and how you can do your bit to help change the fashion industry.

Where we make our clothes

Strong and long-term relationships

Independently audited and certified

Coronavirus impact

What can you do?

We hope this blog has helped you understand more about where your clothes come from, and made you think about how you buy clothes for yourself and your little one.

If you have any questions or want to discuss further any issue we have raised, please do get in touch with us on social @kiteclothing or by email at