Discover... rainbows

Get ready for a week of rainbow fun with our new happy little home adventures activity pack.  We've got ideas for all ages from practising colours through to creating your very own rainbow. 

Here at Kite we love rainbows, and were delighted this week to spot rainbows appearing in windows as part of a worldwide activity spreading hope and cheer.  Why not join in and spread some rainbow hope of your own?  To make it a bit easier we’ve created rainbow colouring sheets for your little ones to colour and display in your windows.  Download them here

Activity Sheets

Baby to 4 years

Below you'll find activities aimed at little ones up to 4 years, from practising colours through to a bright and fun rainbow treasure hunt.

How many colours can you name?

Rainbow colour tick list

Make a rainbow collage

Collage outline

Get rainbow spotting

rainbow spotter sheet

Sing the song

Song lyrics

Rainbow treasure hunt

Treasure hunt sheet

5 - 7 years

Here you'll find activities aimed at little ones aged 5 - 7 years, from discovering what makes a rainbow through to becoming a weather forecaster for the day.

Types of weather

What makes a rainbow?

Cloud spotting

Cloud spotting sheet

Become a weather forecaster

7 - 11 years

Below are activities aimed at little ones aged 7 - 11 years, from discovering how rainbows form through to cool experiments to do at home.

How does a rainbow form?

Create your own rainbow

Create a rainbow experiment

Make a rainbow jar

Experiment instructions

We hope you've found lots of fun activities to excite and inspire your little one.