#10things to beat the Jan blues

January often feels like a long month and after the joy of the festive period it can feel a little dull. So, we’ve popped together #10things to do to beat the January blues. We’d love to hear from you if you have a go at any of our blues-busting ideas. You can send a photo to info@kite-clothing.co.uk or hashtag your photos online with #10things and don't forget to tag us @KiteClothing too!



1. Take a winter walk

Take your little one out for a bracing winter walk. Simply pop on your wellies and rain coat and get some crisp, fresh January air.


2. Curl up with a favourite book

Pick you and your little one’s favourite book, make sure you’re all cosy and escape into the magic of the story.


3. Bake some homemade goodies

Time to get busy in the kitchen! Try baking one of your favourite recipes that you and your little one will love.


4. De-clutter with a clean up

Making a bit of space and de-cluttering old toys can be a great way to clear your mind. You might just breath some fresh life into a long-forgotten toy that’s been hidden away too.


5. Start a craft project

Now’s a great time to try out that new paint set or craft pack! Crafting can be fun for the whole family and your new creations can brighten up your home.


6. Get some exercise

There’s no need to join a gym if you don’t want to, why not do some running races in the back garden with your little one – fitness without the faff!



7. Make it play time!

Why not see if you can get hold of your favourite childhood game and introduce your little one to it?


8. Arrange a play date

You might not be the only one feeling a little blue, so why not try and meet up with some other little ones and set up a play date?


9. Plan some fun for later in the year

Now's a great time to pick out places you'd love to visit throughout the year. It might include some exotic and far flung locations as well as that local recommendation you've not quite had the chance to visit yet. Where's on your list?


10. Enjoy some family time

So simple but sometimes it just doesn’t happen as life takes over. Find some dedicated time to relax with loved ones, a movie night is a great option, popcorn at the ready!