#10things to do this spring

We're starting to see those lovely little signs that spring is on its way! In preparation we've created a list of #10things to do this season to help get a little spring in your step. We’d love to hear from you if you get involved, you can send photos to info@kite-clothing.co.uk or hashtag them online across our social channels with #10things, and don't forget to tag us @KiteClothing too!

#10things to do this springtime - great activities for kids

With not one but two bank holidays coming up, including the ever-popular May Day, we hope our suggestions give you some great ideas for things to do in spring.

You can also download our handy #10things guide here which you can use to print and tick off your spring activities for toddlers and kids as you go.

1. Head out on a daffodil discovery day

Daffodils make their special appearance at this time of year, why not see how many you can find?

2. Visit a farm to see the baby animals

It’s a wonderful time of year to get to a farm and see new life springing up all around you.

Visit a farm to see the baby animals

3. Create pictures from nature

Try collecting your own pieces of garden nature such as twigs, leaves and petals to stick on your artwork. This can also be done inside if it starts to rain – which we know it could!

4. Get outdoors for a springtime walk

Now the weather is a little warmer why not get outside and go for a walk, perhaps trying somewhere you’ve never been before?

Get outdoors for a springtime walk

5. Note down as many insects and bugs as you can find

Have a go at nature's very own treasure hunt and make a note of all the little creatures you can name, just be careful not to disturb their homes.

6. Grow a sunflower as high as you can!

Sunflowers are fast growing and your little one will love to see the results day by day, it’s also a great way to reconnect with nature after the chilly winter months.

7. Recycle welly boots into flower pots

If you’ve got old welly boots lying around why not have a go at upcycling by turning them into flower pots? You could also try tin cans for smaller plants, just make sure there are holes in the bottom for drainage. A great idea if you’re short on outdoor space.

Recycle welly boots into flower pots

8. Swap indoors for outdoors

Do all of the things you love to do indoors, outdoors! Like reading, listening to music or chatting with your little one and finding out about their day.

9. Plan a picnic with friends or family

You can head to the park or the beach, or even your very own garden for this one!

Plan a picnic with friends or family

10. Cook up a feast

Why not cook up a feast using some springtime foods such as sprouting broccoli, spring onions, leeks and spinach?

Make sure you’ve downloaded our handy #10things checklist for some springtime fun here. We'd really love to hear about all the fun activities you get up to with your children. Enjoy!