Repair and wear

Did you know? Research from First Mile found that nearly a third of people would be more likely to replace a damaged item of clothing with a new one rather than try and fix it. We'd love to help change this statistic for the better.

The rise of fast fashion means it can feel easier to buy new clothes. However, a sustainable fashion future relies on us all making small conscious changes. The good news is, these can often be good for your wallet as well as the planet.

Read our blog to discover some simple ways that you can repair your clothes and find different ways to wear (and upcycle!) old clothes.

Ways to repair your clothes

Fast fixes
Advice on mending a fallen hem
How to mend a hole

New ways to wear your clothes

How to embroider your clothes
Upcycling inspiration

Eve and Lauren's words of wisdom

To conclude our blog, our garment technicians wanted to share some thoughts with you:

1. Buying a garment should be a promise to love it for years to come. If you’re not sure, don’t part with your cash!

2. Treat yourself to a de-bobbler machine. This little gadget will give your old clothes a new lease of life in no time!

3. If you have tips about repairing and re-wearing clothes, why not share them with friends and family? Together, we can extend the life of our wardrobes and be kinder to the planet.

4. Try to take good care of your clothes and (hopefully) the less you'll have to repair them.

To read all about our planet-friendly washing and drying tips to help care for your clothes, take a look at our blog here.