Happy Hallow-green!

Every October we see a frightful amount of waste and damage to the environment after the scary celebrations have begun. So this Halloween we’ve had a look at the fun things we can do to make Halloween a little greener, without taking away the spook! Here’s a step-by-step guide to how you and your little ghosts and ghouls can be fit for trick or treating, without leaving a heavy carbon footprint.

Food, glorious food
When it comes to preparing for the party, your little one will definitely not let you forget the most important ingredient, the goodies! Instead of buying mass produced sweets, why not try buying fair trade chocolate or sweets with less packaging, or even try making your own treats? Just make sure little fingers don’t go pinching them before the doorbell rings!

Spooktacular decorations
Once the food is prepared it is time to decorate. Give your guests a fun fright by using recycled materials to make your very own spooky decorations. Cotton wool works brilliantly for stretchy spiders’ webs and recycled food jars or bottle caps look great as googly eyed spiders. The great thing about making your own decorations is that there’s no packaging waste.

Pumpkin perfection
To reduce your carbon footprint even further see if you can buy your pumpkin from a local farmers market or for next year you could even try growing your own in a vegetable patch. Make sure you save the insides for cooking though, pumpkins alone create thousands of tonnes of waste a year, think of all that delicious soup we’re missing out on!

Dress to impress
Now for the best bit, the creepy costumes! If you’ve got a few old shirts lying around, try tearing rips and covering in red make up for a great gory zombie. See if you can use eco-friendly face paints rather than plastic or rubber face masks to make your little monster’s costume a little less scary for the environment. Charity shops are great for finding second-hand options or why not try suggesting a costume swap with friends and family?

We’d love to hear about all the weird and wonderful things you and your little ghoul have done to help towards a greener Halloween. Send us a message or pop us a photo via social media. Use the hashtag #GreenHalloween to spread the word and don’t forget to tag us @KiteClothing!