Easter fun ideas

Looking for some Easter fun inspiration? We’ve got some great ideas for you, from setting up your Easter egg hunt a little differently this year through to some simple and fun activities to do with your little chick. We hope you enjoy our suggestions 😊

Kite Clothing Easter Fun Activities And Ideas

Why not go for a chocolate free hunt?

This might sound a little radical (!) but instead of Easter eggs or chocolate you could create special ‘rewards’ on slips of paper and hide them instead. Simple things like staying up for fifteen minutes longer, a movie night or an extra-long trip to the park are likely to get your little Easter bunny just as egg-cited (!) as lots of chocolate treats.

Role reversal!

Get your child to do the hiding and you do the hunting. Your little one will absolutely love finding inventive places to hide away the Easter treats. You’ll just need to hope they can remember where they’ve hidden them if you can’t find them all! 

Create a riddle route

Try hiding clues or riddles around the house or garden which lead to different hiding spots. This idea means you can send your little one on a little trail of adventure and they’ll love figuring out the clues and finding their way. 

Get crafty this Easter

It’s not all about egg hunting at this time of year, why not spend some time together and craft some Easter themed decorations or pictures which you can place around your home? Old packaging and a bit of glue and paint can make lots of wonderful creations. 

No-bake baking!

If you’re looking for an easy Easter treat then simply melt some chocolate and mix it with some crispy cereal, divide and pop into cake cases and let them set. It’s so quick and easy but also lots of fun for little ones and so easy for them to get involved with.

We’d hope you find some fun things to do over the holidays. From classic Easter activities and things to do with your family, to crafting and more, there are so many options. We'd love to hear all about your little one’s Easter adventures!