Choose your challenge

Welcome to our summertime happy little home adventures! Each week we will be sharing three fab activities based around a different theme. Which challenge will your little one choose? 

We'll be awarding a £50 Kite eGift card to one challenge champ who has had a go at any of our activities or colouring sheets before the end of Sunday. Simply post a picture on one of our social channels and tag us @KiteClothing using the hashtag #HappyLittleHomeAdventures or email us at (T&Cs apply).

We're creating one challenge per age group (baby - 4 years, 5-7 years and 7-11 years) for each theme, but little ones of all ages may enjoy each activity, so simply pick your favourite, or do them all!

Art adventures

It’s Children’s Art Week so we have grabbed our paintbrushes and crafted three creative challenges for you to try. From painting to baking, we hope you enjoy getting up to some arty antics.

Butterfly painting (0-4y)

This is a really simple idea that children of all ages can enjoy. We love beautiful butterflies here at Kite, and often feature them in our designs. Here’s your chance to create your very own.

Wax art (5-7y)

This arty adventure is quite magical! Using a wax crayon or candle you can create a drawing that will then appear as if from nowhere. Find out how to do this in our wax art guide.

Artful baking (7-11y)

Art isn’t just about painting and drawing, it can be woven into so many things, including baking. We have two fabulously fun ideas for you to get creative with, which you can then eat. Yummy!

Colouring sheets

Enjoy our latest colouring sheets which feature lots of fun designs from this week’s arty activities, suitable for younger children right through to grown-ups!

Picnic party

Join us this week for a brilliant picnic party! It’s National Picnic Week which has inspired us to provide you with some fab ideas and inspiration to help you have lots of picnic fun.

Teddy bears' picnic (0-4y)

A wonderful activity for younger children to enjoy. We have some fun ideas for your teddy bears’ picnic as well as the lyrics of the classic song that you can sing together.

Picnic party recipes (5-7y)

We’ve created three simple recipes that are wonderful for picnics. Find rainbow fruit skewers, jam jar veggies and pinwheel sandwiches in our picnic recipe guide.

My picnic party (7-11y)

We have popped together lots of info to help you host your very own picnic party! From hints and tips to party invites and a menu planner too. You could also include our picnic recipes or create your very own.

Colouring sheets

Enjoy our latest colouring sheets which feature lots of fun designs from this week’s picnic activities.

Incredible inventions

Our world wouldn’t be the same without some of the incredible inventions created over the years by some amazing people. This week we celebrate all sorts of innovation in our three happy little home adventures below.

Invent your own special space (0-4y)

Why not take some time this week to create a special place? From babies to bigger children you can create somewhere special to enjoy time together.

Invention hunt and build (5-7y)

Search your home and recycling bin for all sorts of useful things that can be turned into something new. Invent something silly or sensible! We have ideas to help as well as an option to draw your invention idea.

Inventor match quiz (7-11y)

Work out who invented what and when in our match quiz. From the lightbulb to the life raft you’ll discover some amazing facts. Then create a poster all about your favourite invention.

Colouring sheets

Enjoy our new colouring sheets which showcase an array of incredible inventions and inventors, including some very special women, Marie Curie, Grace Hopper and Hedy Lamarr. Three incredible ladies who all helped shape the world we live in today.

Dazzling dolphins

To help celebrate World Oceans Day we have chosen one of our favourite ocean animals, the dolphin, which is also an emblem of our home town, Poole. Find our three happy little home adventures for this week below.

Dolphin collage (0-4y)

A fun craft activity that little ones of all ages can enjoy. Get colouring, scrunching and gluing to create a dolphin masterpiece!

Draw a dolphin (5-7y)

Follow our simple steps and grid method and draw yourself a dazzling dolphin all on your own. Pencils at the ready!

Dolphin fact or fiction (7-11y)

Check your dolphin knowledge with our fact or fiction quiz and learn amazing dolphin facts, plus share some of the amazing things YOU can do too.

Colouring sheets

Enjoy our three new colouring sheets which celebrate dazzling dolphins.

Brilliant berries

This week we are enjoying all things fruity! Inspired by our own very berry designs, we have created three fab activities for your little one to try.

Fruity sensory fun (0-4y)

Splish and splash about with lots of berries and fruit to enjoy a super sensory experience. Older ones can practise colours and counting too!

Strawberry scissor skills (5-7y)

Cut, colour and create this fab strawberry! It's lots of fun to do and your little one can improve their scissor skills at the same time.

Very berry recipes (7-11y)

Discover three simple yet super-tasty berry recipes that your budding chef can make for the whole family to enjoy.

Colouring sheets

Find three fab new berry-tastic colouring sheets, perfect for lots of crayon fun.