Happy Homemade Christmas!

Discover #10things to help create a homemade Christmas this year


We’ve got some fab little ideas to try and help you have an extra special Christmas. All of these activities have maximum festive feel-good factor but create minimal environmental impact, so you can have lots of fun with all the family and help do your bit for our planet at the same time. We hope you enjoy helping your little one craft their very own Christmas this year!

You can download our handy #10things guide here which you can print and tick off your creations as you go.

  1. Paper snowflakes

Cut triangles from a folded piece of paper for fabulously quick and easy decorations that can be covered in paint or other crafts.

  1. Tree top decorations

Have a go at making your own angel or star for the top of the Christmas tree from recycled materials. A toilet roll is the perfect shape to balance on even the tallest of trees.

  1. Homemade Christmas cards

Rather than buying Christmas cards this year why not have a go at making your own? Little fingers can make great snowmen, reindeer and Christmas trees. We’d love to see your little one’s design.

  1. Snow globes

If you have some jars ready to be recycled, stick any Christmassy object you like to the lid and screw the jar back on upside down. Then you’re ready for a gorgeous mantlepiece or table top decoration. Why not add some tiny bits of white paper to make it wonderfully snowy when shaken?

  1. Christmas tree gingerbread cookies

Who else loves the smell of freshly baked gingerbread cookies? Why not make them into all sorts of Christmassy shapes and decorate with lots of yummy icing?

  1. Wrap up well

Wrapping paper often can’t be recycled, so why not use classic brown parcel paper? Your little one will enjoy adding their very own personalised designs to the presents they are giving to make them extra special.

  1. Bake mince pies

Yummy! Time to get baking, just make sure you save some for Christmas Day!

  1. Super simple snowy branches

Paint a sturdy branch in white paint, or any other coloured paint you would like to use! A wonderful decoration that can be used year after year to hang all sorts of decorations from.

  1. Pine cone baubles

Bundle up some nice big pine cones and choose whatever colour paint you like to make some brilliant pine cone baubles, perfect for adding a little colour to your Christmas tree.

  1. Recycled Christmas card bunting

This one is for next year! Keep hold of your cards and then cut them into triangles and hang them on string for some fabulous Christmassy bunting.

We’d love to see what fun things you and your little one get up to this Christmas. Make sure you send us a photo or hashtag your photos online with #10things and don't forget to tag us @KiteClothing.

Make sure you download our handy #10things guide here so you can print and tick off your autumn adventures.