#10things to do this autumn

With the sun starting to set a little earlier and the evenings starting to get chillier, it’s time to get excited as autumn is here! To celebrate we’ve come up with a great list of things you and your little one can get up to. What would you add? Let us know using the hashtag #10things via social media.

You can download our handy #10things guide here which you can print and tick off your adventures during the season.

#1 Pumpkin carving

Creating faces from pumpkins isn’t just great for Halloween, it can be fun all autumn long. What’s the best face your little one can carve from a pumpkin? Just make sure they save the insides for some great pumpkin soup!

#2 Walks in the woods

It’s time to dig out your scarves, hats and gloves for a chilly walk in the woods. There are lots of things to see. How many different coloured leaves can your little ones find? How many birds can they identify?

#3 Playing outdoors

One of the best things about autumn is jumping on a big pile of crunchy leaves! Why not take your little one on an outdoor adventure? Make sure you don’t forget to bring wellies, just in case there are lots of big puddles to splash about in.

#4 Make an insect hotel

As autumn approaches lots of little animals and bugs are finding a home to hibernate in for the winter. Why not give them a hand by building an insect hotel? Your little one can use all sorts of natural materials to build with and it’s also a great way to recycle rubbish from your home.

#5 Vegetable picking

You don’t have to be a farmer to enjoy harvesting all the great vegetables the autumn has to offer. Pumpkins, sweet potatoes, carrots, and fruits like blackberries and apples are all perfect and ready to be picked by your little one.

#6 Collect leaves and other things for art

This season brings a real mix of colours and textures to nature. Why not collect a variety of things like leaves, acorns and twigs to create some amazing outdoorsy artwork later on at home?

#7 Make an outdoor den

Making a den doesn’t just have to be a summer or indoor activity. Why not try and collect as many sticks and twigs as you can and help your little one build their very own outdoor twiggy tepee? Maybe even find a log so that they can roll it in to have their very own bench!

#8 Coastal walk

If you’re lucky enough to live by the sea like us, why not take your little one for a windy walk along the coast? There are always lots of exciting things to see and do. If you don’t live by the sea, why not find a lake or a pond and see what creatures you can find living in and around the water?

#9 Fireworks and bonfires

Around this time of year there are always so many great firework and bonfire displays happening. The perfect excuse for munching on lots of tasty seasonal goodies.

#10 Conker challenge

It’s not just leaves that fall in autumn! Help your little one collect the biggest conkers they can find to win the conker challenge. Once a hole is made through the centre, you can thread a piece of string through and try and knock another person’s conker off their string by hitting it with your own. Did you know that once the fun is over, rumour has it that conkers can also be used to keep spiders out of your home?

We’d love to see what fun things you and your little one get up to this autumn. Make sure you send us a photo or hashtag your photos online with #10things.

Make sure you download our handy #10things guide here so you can print and tick off your autumn adventures.